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Universities may be shrinking freedom of expression

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 Courtesy of:  http://www.canada.com

CALGARY — Freedom of expression is under attack on Canada's university campuses, according to speakers Saturday at a national civil liberties conference at the University of Calgary.

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CRTC chairman won’t get a second term

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Courtesy of: The Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com

The head of Canada's broadcast regulator won't be re-appointed to the post, the Canadian Press reports.

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Ranting Has Its Limits

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Al Gore, as all of us know, is impassioned when it comes to “global warming.” But while giving a speech at the Aspen Institute recently, Mr. Gore seemed to outdo himself in his four-letter vitriol aimed at climate change naysayers. In so doing, Mr. Gore actually highlighted the core issue in a pending Supreme Court case.

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McVety to stand against TDSB curriculum

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Dr. Charles McVety, President of Canada Christian College has now begun a campaign to stop the TDSB from introducing a new homosexual curriculum in titled: Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexualism: A K-12 Resource Guide.

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Chilling News from Canada

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Last week NRB’s Executive Staff had the privilege of meeting with and encouraging two Canadian broadcasters, Dr. Charles H. McVety, television host and President of the Canada Christian College, and Pastor Peter Marshall, Founder of Peter Marshall Media Ministries, along with Dr. McVety’s wife Jennifer. Both men brought sober warnings to NRB.

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