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Four Unforgettable Days
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Four Unforgettable Days

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Visitors to NRB’s 2011 Convention & Exhibition will be treated to a unique window to the past. Imagine, for a moment, the ancient Essenes as they reverently wrapped the Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah and other scrolls and historic documents and hid them in large clay jars in Qumran’s caves, high above the Dead Sea. Did these men wonder how many decades the precious words of Moses, David, and the prophets – as inspired by God Himself – would survive? Against all odds, their hiding place lasted two millennia, and today the world calls these early documents the Dead Sea Scrolls.

At NRB 2011, you will have an opportunity to view fragments of these precious manuscripts in a stunning, museum-quality exhibit by Thomas Nelson Publishers, in partnership with NorthStar Studios. Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, Thomas Nelson will take you beyond the 400-year history of the KJV, and will provide a special first-hand experience of 4,000 years of Biblical history. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to see not only fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but ancient cuneiform tablets, numerous historic Bibles and an original 1611 King James Bible. Unless you’ve got plans to visit a number of the world’s foremost museums – from London to Jerusalem – this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"Amazing…" is one of many words that describes such glimpses of Biblical history, yet that’s only one small piece of NRB 2011. Each year, the National Religious Broadcasters Convention & Exposition is astounding, and our 68th annual event will be no exception. There’s the Convention – with incredible speakers like Chuck Swindoll, Voddie Baucham, Ravi Zacharias, Jay Sekulow, and Dr. James MacDonald. Then there’s the Exhibit floor, the nation’s largest marketplace dedicated to Christian media professionals, where more than 200 vendors showcase their wares on 130,000 square feet of exhibit space. Special sponsors present other events, like Sunday Morning’s Israel Ministry of Tourism Breakfast, while Comedy Night and the Night of Music feature some of the nation’s best performers as they bring laughter and blessing to attendees.

All told, there’s a synergy and excitement that pervades the hallways and rooms of every NRB Convention & Exposition. Have you ever wondered how your radio station can get up-to-speed in the fast-paced digital world? Social Media will rock old school media in a Saturday Super Session. Have you needed new strategies for putting your ministry front-and-center in the social media environments? Educational sessions at NRB 2011 will show you how. Have you ever wished for input in managing a global organization or building an effective corporate communications team? NRB 2011 will present management and leadership sessions taught by industry leaders and CEOs who have already done it. And for those who desire to simply sit down and get great ideas from peers around the nation and around the world, there’s the roundtable Innovation Exchange focused on radio, television, Internet or Church media. In short…your questions can be asked and answered in less than three weeks during the educational sessions.

But NRB 2011 won’t just educate, encourage, inspire, and entertain you, it will also provide the practical information that every church, ministry, or organization needs in order to face the unrelenting realities of modern American politics and culture. If you have ever struggled with formulating a Scriptural response to the gay rights movement, you won’t want to miss Tuesday’s Public Policy debate. This session will feature a discussion between two key leaders on opposite sides of the gay rights issue. And Monday’s Religious Liberty education panel will present top-tier Christian Constitutional attorneys who will address threats to the freedom to proclaim the Gospel over the radio, television and the Internet – and they’ll tell you how the legal landscape is changing. Their input will help you shape your ministry or organization for decades to come.

As you ponder all the great new ideas, products you’ve seen, and information to apply, join your business associates in the semi-private haven of Club 44, which is perfect for networking and building those important relationships. Or walk by the NRB Job Board, where you can post a resume or find candidates to fill that important position. All attendees will have access to a special NRB 2011 iPhone/iPad/Android app that will be available here as soon as the convention begins. And lest we forget, your four days will be spent in the amazing venue of Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, a destination in and of itself.

So register today, because you’ve only got a few more weeks to get in on the action and see for yourself why NRB’s Convention & Exposition is the biggest Christian communications event of the year. Be seen, be heard, and be relevant as you learn how to better communicate the Gospel of Christ in the months and years ahead.